A scrabble game consists of:

A board game (made of wood, cardboard, plastic, etc.) on which a 15 x 15 square has been drawn, each patch having a side of about 2 cm. The lines and columns of the board are marked on the edges as follows:

- The lines are marked on the left margin, in letters, from 'a' to 'o', from top to bottom in alphabetical order;

- Columns are marked on the top edge, numbered 1 to 15, from left to right

The game's prowess

Some of the tabs are marked distinctly (colored). These indicate the multiplication of the value of the letters or words placed on them, as explained in the figure. If a word covers two or more of these spaces, their properties accumulate; For example, a letter can be doubled and the whole word has tripled twice (that is, multiplied by 9). Multiplication of a letter or a word is made only when the letter is placed on that pen and it operates on all the words formed by that letter at that deposit.

A set of 100 tokens (wooden, cardboard, plastic, etc.) overlapping over the board. These chips have one alphabet letter (in large print characters), each letter having a lower-right number indicating its value. Two of the chips - called jokers - are not written (or have a characteristic symbol, eg J) and can be used to represent any letter in the set or the letters K, Q, Y and W. The value of the joker (white tokens or marked with ' ? ') is zero. Once the joker has been placed on the board as a letter, its significance will not change until the end of the game. Joker has the same properties as the other letters.

An opaque saucer pouch for keeping and extracting letters. Holders on which the letters are displayed. There must be 7 letters of light on a support. The support construction must allow the partner to see how many letters are placed on it.

General Scrabble game rules

During the game, words can be formed and linked together as follows:

*By lengthening by adding one or more letters in front and / or following a word already on the board;

*By intersecting, forming a word (horizontally or vertically) to cross with another one already found on the board;

* By joining; Combined methods of the above.


Fundamental rules of play

- The first word, which is placed on the scoreboard, must be at least 2 letters and at most 7 letters and must pass through the center of the board (h8).

- One deposit can be placed on the board between one and seven letters, except for the first deposit (see rule above). Under no circumstances, even with compositional problems, it is not allowed to place more than 7 letters on a deposit.

- All letters used in a deposit are placed only horizontally (from left to right) or only vertically (from top to bottom) on a single line or column.

- There can be no isolated words that are not related to another word on the board. All the letters of a deposit must be linked together (possibly by other letters on the board).

- If a joker is placed, it will be specified which letter is replacing, and the meaning of this joker does not change until the end of the game.


A deposit is correct if the above basic rules are respected if all the new tabbed words are accepted by the partner or the referee as part of the allowed word pool and if the player has been in the given thinking time.

The score of a deposit is calculated by summing the values of the component letters of the word being formed (taking into account the word multiplication, if any). Add the score of adjoining new words, which is calculated the same as for the main word. If all seven letters are placed within a deposit, a score of 50 points is added to the score.

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