Scrabble is like a magical word puzzle game. It's a game of words where players put letters together to make words on a board. The longer the word and the more difficult the letters used, the more points you get. It's like playing detective with letters to create a secret code that everyone can read. It's challenging, fun and helps improve your vocabulary!

Scrabble online against computer AI

Be prepared to take on artificial intelligence on different difficulty levels in a game of online scrabble here in front of your computer. This scrabble game follows all the rules of a real game and you'll be surprised how easily you can create crosswords to maximize your points. If it's your first time playing such a game, it's okay, you'll learn very quickly especially if you're an English speaker. This game uses the English dictionary and you can learn more about online scrabble by reading the instructions in the game.

How to play this version of scrabble:

- first use the seven letters from the bottom on the board, arrange them to create a valid english word

- place the new word in the middle of the board so that it includes the purple star

- create words as long as possible that relate to the previous word but also reach the other stars to make points

- if you run out of word ideas use the helper buttons to the right of the letters like: " pass" " clear" " swap"

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